Vendetta CPU Cooler

Vendetta CPU Cooler Name: Vendetta CPU Cooler
Price: $9.99
Store: Micro Center
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Shipping: Varies
Note: none
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Using a distinctive, highly efficient heat pipe and fin design developed by Xigmatek, combined with a low-noise fan, the Vendetta is built to tackle heat-induced performance degradation and solves the cooling challenges of today’s enthusiast system builds. While traditional heat pipe CPU coolers typically use a solid base plate design, the Vendetta’s three copper heat pipes make direct contact with the processor allowing for maximum heat transfer at a more rapid pace. A novel ‘dimple’ design in the micro-configuration of the stacked aluminum fans adds turbulences, thereby reducing the skin effect of laminar air flow. Moreover, a folded “V” shape of the macro-configuration of the fins adds surface area without compromising the compact design. As a result, the Vendetta offers incredibly efficient cooling area comparable to much larger coolers which is reflected in its performance.

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