Avanquest FORM TOOL 6

Avanquest FORM TOOL 6 Name: Avanquest FORM TOOL 6
Price: $25.00
Store: Fry’s
Rebates:   Rebate form,   Rebate form
Shipping: Varies
Note: none
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If you work with a large number of forms, FormTool is perfect for you. Convert your paper forms to digital forms, and easily design, create, edit, manage, fill out and publish them.

  • 800+ Professionally-designed forms and templates
  • Design your own custom forms
  • Send forms via email
  • Scan and turn paper forms into digital forms
  • Automatic line, box and circle tools
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Property sheets for easy style definition/editing
  • Graphic properties easily customize any graphical element
  • Easy alignment tool
  • Multiple fill patterns to enhance your forms
  • BMP, GIF, TIF, WMF, JPEG graphics forms supported
  • NEW! Microsoft Office compatible interface
  • NEW! Interactive tutorials
  • NEW! Automatic form routing

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